Only the best!

Boar's Head Meats & Homemade Sauces!

The East meets the West!

We believe a good delicatessen is just one of those things that's a bare necessity. Everybody knows at least one place that serves up sandwiches to die for, and we know if you try The Boy's Deli, we'll be that deli.

In San Franisco there are delis, there are delis, and then there are the Places Where The San Franciscans Eat. The Boy's Deli, which sits on 2222 Polk Street in the Polk & Green Produce Market is that place. We are confident in our products from specialty sandwiches made with renowned Boar's Head meats to our side dishes. Still, customer service continues to be our top priority. You speak and we listen. We will continue our focus on providing rich flavors, the freshest products, an innovative menu and tremendous value for our guests. If you are passionate about great food, we think you'll agree that The Boy's Deli is a place you can call home.