A Story About a Family

T he Boy’s Deli was started in the early 2000’s by two cousins who, at the time, knew a whole lot about pizza and not much about sandwiches. Working in their Uncle Joe’s pizza shop, they were often charged with tasting new, hot out of the oven creations. As fate would have it, both boys were there the day Uncle Joe pulled a piping hot sandwich out of the pizza oven. They decided right then and there that they wanted to create their own sandwiches to sell at the family market.

We proudly serve Boar's Head and cheeses! Our produce and breads are delivered daily for consistently amazing sandwich!

We've been in making our sandwiches for over 13 years, and appreciate every minute of it. We must be doing something right, stop by today! .

The two cousins got together, night after night, working to create the perfect sandwich. Through hundreds of layers of quality Boar’s Head Meats and cheeses, crisp veggies, soft fresh breads, and unique sauces, The Boy’s Deli was born. Stop in today or check out our easy to use online ordering system!!

Our family run business is a San Francisco staple, and we appreciate every customer that walks through our doors. Customer service is our extra sauce on the sandwiches, because without our fans, we wouldn't be who we are. Stop by today!

The Boys' Deli can cater your next event! Our sandwiches are perfect for business meetings, corporate meetings, lunch parties and more! We can cater in most of San Francisco so give us a call!

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